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Full Version: [Sticky] Requests for help for solving problems of parts on the parts tracker - not only for part authors! part owners,
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This thread is intended to collect queries for help needed by parts authors on the parts tracker.

People owning certain parts, please check this thread from time to time to see if you can help us!

We need your help to be able to solve some of the problems of files on the parts tracker.

For example, a scan or photo of some real life part might be required.
To solve the problem of the 4.5V train points
, we need a scan of the moving part

Its "Type 1" variant currently is out officially already as
, and the current 950b.dat on the parts tracker "mimics" the "Type 2" variant
by simply substituting it by 950a.

HOWEVER, I got told that "Type 1" and "Type 2" differ in its rotation point.
So we cannot release 950b even as a mockup because that mockup would have the rotation point in the wrong place.

I unfortunately do not own these parts.

What would be really helpful here would be an underside scan of the "Type 1" vs the "Type 2" part.
Even a scan or photo of the underside of the whole train point could be good.

Can you help? Can you contribute? Can you send us part authors a picture or scan?
At these pictures I see not the same switch than we have modelled!


So this might be the second variant.

at http://ldraw.heidemann.org/index.php?page=findings
I have marked the differences I am talking about.
Yes, I want to help :-)

I only own rails from this area, no points, have them given away years ago. But I will ask our LUG members through our forum. I'm sure someone has some to give away. But you have to be patient. If I understand your explanations correctly I have to find both versions.

Set 154 belongs to the "Blue Area" released 1967 - 1969

Switch Point Right Manual Blue 4.5v
Switch Points Manual Blue 4.5v

The gray points are to find in set 7852 released 1980

Right Point Manual Gray 4.5v
Left and Right Points Manual Gray 4.5v
no, we only need to find the "b" version, i.e, the one contained in the "slotted" (grey) version.

the "a" version is already modeled and an official part.
see here: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptreviewsum...intrack45v
That page shows only files which use the "b" version.
It does NOT show the official files using the "a" version!


Currently, we have an official file 948ac01.dat, modeling the blue 4.5V point. It uses 950a.dat.
As far as I am told right now, the grey 4.5V point uses a different moving part, i.e., 950b.dat.
Question 1: is this correct? Do the blue and grey versions use a different moving part 950a/b?

On the parts tracker, there are also BLUE variants using 950b.dat.
So a BLUE 948ac01.dat is official, using 950a.dat,
and on the parts tracker, there is another BLUE 948bc01.dat, using 950b.dat
Question 2: is this correct? did really 2 (TWO) versions of the blue point 4.5V exist, one using 950a.dat,
and one using 950b.dat?
can someone please measure the inner diameter (or radius) of the hands of the Duplo Figures?
(example http://www.peeron.com/inv/parts/6453cx04 )

I need this info to model correctly the diameter/radius of this bar
which needs to be able to be held by those Figures, for example by
Not sure if "Sporty" has the same hands as "normal" Duplo figures ... The three circus performers, who loll around on my desk, have hands with a inner diameter of 4.9 mm (measured with a sliding gauge).
I checked on an old figure, indeed it can hold a Technic pin, so inner diameter is more or less 12 ldu.

I would have said: the same size as a normal lego stud.

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