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Full Version: MPDCenter feature requests
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Some features that would be useful to me include:

1. print a list of author fields

I'll think of more later.
It should not be a big deal to list all authors, that can be identified by the author tag.
Printing itself is not that easy if you want to have it user friendly. Therefore I prefer generating a plain text file with the author names for your request.

A very simple list is now implemented. For every file the author is printed to the list. So there might be several times the same author.
That is great, thank you!
it should be very simple to remove duplicates from that list... Wink
Of course, but as long as I do not know for what purpose this list should be I do not put any more efforts into this feature. Smile

If it should be just only a list of authors that have contributed to the project - only the single names are needed.

But currently I do not know the purpose of the list and I hate to waste time.
I just need a list of authors so I can determine if I skipped over somebody when writing the credits list for Datsville. Showing only unique names would be nice, but I can trim the list using other tools just as well.
As I just wrote in another post - the more detailed you describe what you need and for what purpose the more you can get a good result that you can work with.

So I go now for a "List of unique author names" and try to implement just this, so you need no further step to generate this list. Smile