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Full Version: 973P-PD3.DAT, 973P-PD2.DAT
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Anyone know what the official file names are for these minifig parts? Google doesn't turn up much that is useful. Thanks.
Where are these parts used?
What are the other parts of the figure?
Who is the author of the model?
Any information will be helpful.
Google gave the best results:
973P-PD3.DAT Minifig Torso with Policeman Jacket Pattern
973P-PD2.DAT Minifig Torso with Policeman Suit Pattern
973P-PD1.DAT Minifig Torso with Policeman Vest Pattern
found at http://news.lugnet.com/cad/dev/?n=4536
So it should be one of these I think: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptpatterns.cgi?p=973
Yes, but which ones? There are so many.
I tried to narrow the search for the time of the post, but I could not identify any of those files. Maybe that parts are still not official and the model is laying around on one disc in the world. If I understood the post correctly steve bliss has had it.
Minifig Torso with Vest, Patch Pockets and Police Badge Pattern
Name: 973p74.dat

Minifig Torso with Jacket, Tie and Police Badge Pattern
Name: 973p76.dat

Minifig Torso with Zipper Jacket and Police Logo Pattern
Name: 973p75.dat

I am to 99% sure that these are the correct files Smile
The parts appear here as well, but the page keeps redirecting somewhere else.


They're also some of the few parts that can't be downloaded from that site. Most of the other ones can be downloaded.
Oops, didn't see your post.

Thanks for finding them!!