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Full Version: Unificator as a shape tuning tool
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Unificator can be a powerful shape tuning tool...
As you know (or not Wink), the straight part at the bottom of LDraw slope parts is 4 LDU high, while LDD models this at 5 LDU. Real part are indeed closer to 5 ldu, but reworking all existing LDraw parts would be a nightmare. So, to get consistent parts, LDD or LUT parts must be tweaked.
Here is the method I used for 64225 creation.
  • Isolate the lines at y=19, using MLCad and a lot of hiding to access lines (tip: lines are much easier to select if you use a 3 line width in settings > change > rendering). Attached file 64225-isol.dat
  • Make a subpart of these lines (I tweaked them a bit more to get the proper final shape). File 64225-line2.dat
  • Include this subpart, move it down one LDU at y=20 ldu. File 64225-subpt.dat
  • Run Unificator with snap on subfiles, unification distance=3ldu. Automagically you get the result: 64225-subptout.dat
Of course more tweaking was needed, for example the same method was used with 64225-side.dat as subpart to straighten the sides... but you get the idea!