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Full Version: Technic pins
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I am starting to work on the new Technic axle pin long (11214). As you can see on this photo, there are several little differences with other existing long pins (middle slit is xhort, no slit on base but 3 (not 4) thin ribs there). I guess I must create a new geometry for this...
Question is, is it worth creating primitive(s) for this new geometry, that will probably be used only here? If so, create one primitive for base and one for tip, or just one primitive for the whole pin part?
For the record, confric8 is only used in 6558, confric9 in 32054, and confric7 (certified but still on PT) is not used at all.
[Image: 10805407686_2e6e327b99_o.jpg]
I would prefer a single primitive for the entire second half including half the base shared with the axle part (I believe those primitives are also including half the base?)

So basically this part becomes just two sub parts?

I'm guessing the 'blue pins' might also be using this design in the future. I don't hope so though, because I find this new design somewhat ugly and cheap looking.

Just my 2cts