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Full Version: Any Train fans that could make instuctions for me?
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I'm a huge train fan and wanted to make instuctions of my designs to share with my LUG. I've only recently learned of ldraw and it seems a bit out of my leauge. I have about 10 right now that I would want done. Would anyone want to make them for me? I'd be willing to let you pic one for free if you were willing to make say, 5 of them? I just don't have the time to learn another program, let alone sit down and actually make the instuctions.

If you're interested just reply and we can chat.

You want people to spend weeks (as you correctly note, making instructions is time consuming) of their time making instructions for you who they haven't met, of trains they haven't seen?

Interesting sales pitch.

First I want to check if i got your information right: You have built actually 10 train designs in real life and want to make intructions for them?

The first thing I would do is using a 3D Lego modeling program as SR 3D Builder, Mclad ,LDCad or some other and exactly rebuild the model virtually (provided all part you used are in the LDraw part library).

SR 3D Builder has part snaping and a instruction miner, so it would be my choice for this task.
With the instruction miner you can determine the load order of each part and use pause for each instruction step.
Maybe other programs also have this - dont no for sure...

After completion of your model and a good choice of instruction steps you can view your model also with LDView - In my opinion the program which has the nicest 3D View of all LDraw library using programs.

Then you aready have kind of a instruction...
To make a more nice instruction you maybe should make submodels (just divide the model in useful submodels if necessary).

Then load every step in LDView and make a screenshot - and you have a simple instruction. LDView has the possibility to show edgelines.

For a more beatiful instruction rendering would be nice. But that can really get more advanced... (maybe even raytracing, or pathtracing)...

I think you should just try these points yourself (without the last one)

On the other hand :
If anybody would do this for you, how would you share your designs ? images aren't enough if they are not very simple...

So I think either way you should build your model first virtually ( or did you do this already?)
Yup, thanks for the post Tim. I bet you're one of those guys everyone loves to be around, right?
Thanks for the info Cristoph! I though I could box up my sets and ship them to whoever could make the instructions. That person could keep one and ship them back when they were done both at my expense.
Gr8Trains, showing up in a forum, asking for something and then immediately punching into people's face
is a Bad Idea ™. Have you been on the internet before? If you want to bully around, go and play somewhere else, please.
to complete Christoph's info:
if you want to make Train Track designs, probably the best software to use IMHO for that purpose is BlueBrick
Gr8Trains Wrote:Yup, thanks for the post Tim. I bet you're one of those guys everyone loves to be around, right?

I'm definitely more fun than the guy who walks into a party without even giving his name and asks everyone if they can do him a favour. That guy is rarely popular.


More seriously, would you mind, at least, telling us your name and showing us some pictures of your trains. It might, if the trains are actually any good, raise some interest in your project. I could do some for you if you like, but my going rate is $50 an hour. I do have a good track record of building trains virtually and for real, and making instructions for them.

How about uploading some pics of the trains.
This could give some more interest for your project.
I have made instructions for trains before, and i would like to see your designs.

Kind Regards