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Full Version: [disregard] L3P doesn't like a part
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I get this error when I try to convert the attached model using L3P 1.4 beta.

W:\LDraw\datsville\svn\trunk\helper_scripts\povray>"C:\Programs Windows\l3p14bet
a\l3p.exe" "W:\LDraw\datsville\svn\trunk\datsville_boxed\datsville.ldr" -o -il -
SKIPPING "D:\LDraw\ldconfig.ldr" Line 296: Illegal color code: 0 !COLOUR Main_Co
lour                                           CODE  16   VALUE #7F7F7F   EDGE #
SKIPPING "D:\LDraw\ldconfig.ldr" Line 297: Illegal color code: 0 !COLOUR Edge_Co
lour                                           CODE  24   VALUE #7F7F7F   EDGE #
Processing W:\LDraw\datsville\svn\trunk\datsville_boxed\datsville.ldr
Recursive references: b\3024.dat
referenced by b\3024.dat line 468
referenced by building_001_park.ldr line 65
referenced by building_001_jessimanmemorial.mpd line 8
referenced by block_001.ldr line 9
referenced by layer_blocks.ldr line 8
referenced by datsville.ldr line 6
L3P v1.4 BETA 20131119 (Win32)  (C) 1998-2013 Lars C. Hassing SP.lars@AM.hassing
*** Abnormal termination.

Press any key to continue . . .

I've attached the problem part as well. Is there something wrong with it? Thanks.
Never mind. The problem was in the MPD file. I fixed it.