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Full Version: 4860 Plate 2 x 2 with Wheels Holder Plane
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So this part is interesting:

4860 @ peeron

4860 @ bricklink

it also appear in the part library as 4860.dat as moveto 4870.
But these part are not the same:

4860 @ peeron

4870 @ bricklink

Or are they?!

At least at bricklink they look diffrent....
and peeron don't list a 4870 part.

PS: Maybe the part request section isn't the right place for this topic, but when they are two diffrent part this is a part request for the missing one.
I think that these are only one part, 4870, in two versions. And I agree that "old version" isn't modeled. But anyway nothing like this has reference 4060 that seems to be a Duplo part.
4060 ? I meant and wrote 4860- this is a reference to 4870... (looked it up)
Yes, I meant 4860. 4860 (Duplo) has nothing to do with 4870 except for initial numbering mistake.