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Full Version: how to do an inventory
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I am thinking about an inventory function in MPDCenter.
Now I am faced the problem to decide what is a part and should be put in the inventory.

I the file is from official directory there is now doubt if it sits in /parts.

But all other files needs a decision. As there is no other strong hint on being a part or not, I think that I need all other files to handle as parts. Or I am wrong here - I feel I am wrong, but don't know why.

Please let me have some of your ideas and comments Smile
> I the file is from official directory there is now doubt if it sits in /parts.

No, sadly not. The habit of putting subparts there just to make them visible in MLCad
leads to the effect that also subparts sit there.
The thing you want to look at is their header line stating their type...
Will your inventory maybe have the same format(s) as the ones produced by LDView?
I did not think at present about the presentation of the inventory. I just want to use the best strategy to avoid inventing the wheel twice Smile
Yes, that is true, but as long as the file is in the official folder I think I can assume that the header is correct. If I use a file from elsewhere I can not rely on the header as this can be a relict of inlining etc.

I think the following aspects should go into the decision:
1) where is the file from (official library path or not)
2) header information about the content of the file
3) contains the file any linetype2, 3, 4 or/and 5

Have I forgotten any indication for the parttype?
Quote:the best strategy to avoid inventing the wheel twice
Maybe you could look at LDView source code? (though I believe it gives wrong results when encountering eg. LSynthed parts, but I don't think there is a valid solution for that except with meta commands like LPub SUBST)
I have done that already and the results are not what I am looking for. I am searching for something better Smile
What would you do with parts like 64022, Flex track. Both the male and female half are in there as separate parts as well (88492, 88493). Similarly the bottom, cover and controller knob of the 9V train regulator are all individual parts.
There is the possibility to stop in depth if a part or a shortcut arise. But thanks for mentioning this. I have to thought about the possibilities.