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Full Version: Mystery parts
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These parts are being used by Datsville's petrol station. Any idea what they are for? Are there any official equivalents so I can get rid of them?
Both are tori primitives and should be included in the official library. I don't know, for what they are used in the petrol station.
Please see "Circular torus" under http://www.ldraw.org/library/primref/#curv3d for more informations

It would be of great help if you inform us in which part these are used.
So i opened Datsville with MPDCenter and looked for those two primitive.
They are used in the hoses.
As there is no information about the geometry in the files itself I have to try to recreate with PrimGen2.
http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?s=t04o1304 is official, but currently on the pt.
t04i1304.dat is an official file.

So both files are official and if they did not change very much you should be able to just remove them from datsville.
After all it was an easy question as the PT will nowadays also the official files if you search for them (http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptscan.cgi?q=t04i1304).
I deleted them and LDView did not spawn an error. So I think everything is OK.
That's what i told you Smile
I had checked this with MPDCenter.