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Full Version: Primitive naming
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If I want to do a prism primitive similar to tri3a1, but with one right-angle side and the diagonal side, what should that be called?
In general, what is the naming scheme for primitives? Looking at all the various cube-based primitives I haven't found the logic yet...
There is no rule for all possibilities. If the name you choose extensible for other similar primitives, I am pretty sure we will use it.
There is a logic to thebox primitives:
   n    = number of faces [i]present[/i]
    x   = used to differentiate the different configurations of faces (- = the "default" adjacent, o = 4-face ring, u = 3-face "U"-section)
     e  = number of faces [i]absent[/i]
      p = used to differentiate different configurations of the missing edges (a=adjacent, p=parallel)

You don't say which edges you plan to include, but from what you describe, your new primitive should be tri2.dat or tri2-n, if one or more of the 9 edges are omitted.
It should be a tri3 as it'll have the base triangle as well as two sides. Here's what I mean:
[Image: 10915633936_c2031c5006.jpg]
tri3 by Duq, on Flickr
In my eyes this prim is not needed, because you can get the result by simply deform tri3a1 in it's rotation matrix.
If you need help with deforming feel free to ask.

If you could point me to a tutorial about deformation matrices that would be great, thanks.
I agree with Max, this new primitive is not needed.
There's a detailed page here about this kind of transformation. It's in French, but hopefully Google translate is your friend Wink
Thanks for the link. I'll first have a go with dusting off my school-French. If that fails I'll ask Google to help out ;-)