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Full Version: Dark green?
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In this video the person uses I think three different shades of green. I could only find one shade in MLCad plus chrome green and trans green. Is there a list of colors somewhere I need to update? Where do I get the latest version?
for the latest current official LDRAW colors list, see

and this thread might be of interest for you:
Thanks! Is there a dark green like in the video? Or does the foliage just look darker in the video than in real life? I can't tell.
It sounds to me that you do not like to search yourself for many items. Just a quick look into MLCad gives the following colors to me:
Bright_Green: 10
Green: 2
Dark_Green: 288

If i use that color on 2417.dat it looks quite like the colors in the video.
Wie have bright green, green and dark green as solid colours. I don't know, if there more. That is just, what I had in my mind.

Please note, that our Green is named Dark Green and our Dark Green is named Earth Green there.

Thanks for mentioning that Smile - I am sure we have anywhere a translation table. Maybe this information is also packed in our LDConfig.ldr.

Ah, yes it is. LDConfig Manager just give me all information I like to know.
Yes, I know that it's written there, but I thought it wouldn't be bad to write it directly in this thread.

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