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Full Version: Numbers in names of sloped bricks?
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Why are the sloped bricks numbered as they are?

For instance, the Slope Brick 10 6 x 8 is closer to 9 degrees. The Slope Brick 33 3 x 1 is closer to 27 degrees.

I also object to where the slope is being measured from. E.g. I think the slope should be measured when the bricks are stacked on top of each other. See the black dashed lines in the following images:

[Image: th_slope_brick_45_2_x_1_zps445d68d6.png][Image: th_slope_brick_18_4_x_1_zps1c5befdb.png][Image: th_slope_brick_33_3_x_1_zps11229b44.png]

[Image: th_slope_brick_10_6_x_8_zps5935f74a.png][Image: th_slope_brick_31_1_x_1_x_2_3_zps0e42e002.png]
Quirk of history.

It irks me too Smile

I thought that the 33 came from the 1 to 3 ratio of the bricks, and wasn't actually degrees at first.