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I'm trying to run Edger2 from the command line using the exact settings that I use in LETGUI, but things are not working right. Here is what the Edger2 settings look like in LETGUI:

[Image: ldr_edger2_help_01_zps392f1d8f.png]

What is the equivalent command line?

I've tried this without luck:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\LETGUI\edger2\Windows\Edger2.exe" -p 0.001 -af 0.1 -ac 0 -ae 0 "W:\LDraw\datsville\svn\trunk\helper_scripts\terrain_splitter\terrain_stepped_render_backup_02.ldr" "W:\LDraw\datsville\svn\trunk\helper_scripts\terrain_splitter\terrain_stepped_render_backup_02.ldr"
Do you have a problem with the output or with the program itself?

Usually I start edger2 from a batch file.
edger2.exe -l d:\ldraw in_edger.dat out_edger.dat
edger2 and the input/output files are in the same directory (this is also the directory where the batch file is in).

First off all I'm not sure, if it's possible to call a program outside of its directory, like you did here:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\LETGUI\edger2\Windows\Edger2.exe"
go with the "cd" command into it's directory and call it from there.
Your command line should look like this before calling edger2:
C:\Program Files (x86)\LETGUI\edger2\Windows>
then you can call edger2.

Next: You should specify your LDraw directory like I did. Use
-l [LDraw-directory]
In my case [LDraw-directory] is d:\ldraw (it's the main directory of LDraw)

Your input/output calling are correct as far as I can see.

Nevertheless I find your ae, ac and af arguments a bit strange.

Edger2 will process something like this:
0.00 < angle <  0.10: no Line
0.10 < angle <  0.00: Cond Line
0.00 < angle <  0.00: Cond Line + Edge Line
0.00 < angle        : Edge Line

I would try it with the default values for ae, ac and af. If you want to suppress a specific line type use any of the other options like -dc, -de or something else.

I hope I get it working!

My problems are with the output.

This is the effect I'm looking for:

[Image: ldr_edger2_help_02_zps87f23dec.png]

This is achieved when using LETGUI. Using the command line the results are different.
Here attached a little utility that displays the command line sent to it. Change the path of Edger2 in LETGUI setup to use PrintCmdLine instead, you'll be able to see the exact parameters sent by LETGUI.
LETGUI creates a logfile with all commands written to that file!
This has been introduced since march this year (latest version).
On my system (win8-64bit) the logfile is created in "C:\ProgramData\LETGUI"
Quote:First off all I'm not sure, if it's possible to call a program outside of its directory, like you did here:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\LETGUI\edger2\Windows\Edger2.exe"

That is the normal way to execute files from command prompt if the program path is not the current.
Good to know. I never used the command line this way. Undecided

Good to know Wink I'll try to remember this!
Thank you! That works wonderfully!
IMHO the path


is the wrong choice to store such data.

The correct place on Win7 would be

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