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Full Version: Update model to use new parts?
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What tool can I use to update all my models to use the newest parts? (E.g. parts that have been renamed or moved, etc..) Thanks!

I can't use MLCAD since Datsville (the model I am trying to update) has nested MPD files which MLCAD doesn't like.
For instance the attached file triggers "File not found" errors in LDView.

I ended up updating the parts manually. It would be nice to have a part version checker that can remember older renamed parts so this would not be necessary.
You can use Michael Heidemann's "MPDCenter" (Link to the website). In the edit menu you should find, what you are looking for.

Thank you very much for mentioning MPDCenter in this context Smile

Often the problem of "file not found" occur if people use unofficial files and do not import them into the MPD file. In rare cases MPDCenter might could help to identify the parts current name, but mainly it will be a job for the user to look for the missing part.

I just tried to do that with MPDCenter, but there have to be some wrong code anywhere. Please do NOT try to import unofficial files in this case. I'll try to fix the problem soon.
I made some tests and looked into the code and into datsville.ldr and found that for MPDCenter the structure of datsville.ldr is too complex for the moment. MPDCenter is not able to import unofficial files if they are mpd structured.

I feel that this is an error and try to fix this.