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Full Version: LDCad 1.2a (win+linux)
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2. In Windows a lot of programs allow you to associate a file extension with a program. When I try to do this with LDCad an error is spawned when double-clicking on a model file. It would be nice if LDCad could handle this situation.

I agree with you.
It's in the planning Smile The problem I'm having is this functionality is somewhat difficult to implement for the Linux version and I like to keep the two versions identical feature wise.
3. Could you change the color of the program icon? I keep getting it confused with MLCAD and vise versa. Thanks.
I want to make a different one altogether (along with the main part bin pictures), but it's very low on my todo list.
Might it be possible to have the option (toggled in Prefs) to limit the free view rotation to only 2 axes; like in LDD? It's hard to explain, but right now I can rotate around models in LDCad in 3 axes, which can cause the model to "tumble" and make it harder to orient than it should be. An example: in LDD, if I want just look at the top, it's much easier. I just hold down the right mouse button and drag down. In LDCad, if I just want to look at the top, I have to keep my mouse as close to the center of the screen as possible when dragging, otherwise the model starts to rotate around the screen instead of pivoting the top of the model toward me.
It's been requested before, and I have looked into it but locking the y axis isn't that easy in my current code. This is because you could lock it at any time, and the whole LDD system is based on Y always being vertical.

So I decided to implement a complete second rotation system (and some additional camera improvements) at some point, but I want to first release 1.3 beta 1 somewhere soon so it probably be in beta 2 or the final 1.3 version.

I did however implement right mouse button rotation, so you can rotate/move at any time (not just by background clicks) even during part placement.
4. Could you add an additional camera feature where the camera remains at the same altitude above the ground plane no matter what direction the camera is pointing in? This is kind of like a video game where the camera remains at the same height, but you can scroll left, right, forward, backward, etc. Thanks.
I actually considered a sort of a walk though mode at some point, but shelved it thinking you could do such things more dynamically once the animation engine is in place.

In the mean time you can sort of fake what you want by using ctrl+shift+left mouse (inside the compass), this moves the lookat across the editing plane, so when you set an appropriate editing plane you can float over it at a static height that way. In 1.3 that will be even easier as it offers right mouse rotate/move so you can use it anywhere in the editing space.
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