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Full Version: LDCad 1.2a (win+linux)
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OK, somehow my installation got messed up again. Now when I try and load a model all I see is a yellow cross in the center of the screen. Are there log files somewhere that I might post? Do you need a screenshot?


This was somehow due to my setting my working directory as one of LDCad's library paths. I removed this directory, and the models now load properly. Can you explain why this is the case?
Michael Heidemann Wrote:For showing a submodel in a model, just reference to that part. So you have a linetype 1 line in your code.
In this case you need to ship two files to the guys that should see all the beautiful models.
How do I do this in LDCad? Which menus and commands?

Michael Heidemann Wrote:If you want to have all in one file you have two possibilities. MPD file is not what you want, so the only possibility in that case is inlining of the submodel. We discussed "inlining" already.

No, I don't want this.
How do I do this in LDCad? Which menus and commands?

That is a good question. I can only find the possibility to add files from the library.
Michael Horvath Wrote:How do you add an existing sub-model to a model? In MLCAD I usually do "Add>Part>Custom Part>Browse".

Also, I do not want to create an MPD.


You can reference any model just like normal parts, Just open both models into LDCad. Afterwards you open the 'all models' part bin group (sub of the 'bulldozer' picture in the bin root). From there you can drag the model like any normal part insertion activity.

LDCad will complain about resolving issues if the submodel isn't in the same folder as the target model. But otherwise it won't care if it's an normal ldr, a part or a mpd.
Yellow cross means render preparation error, I need the log to see what happened there.

You'll find the last three log in the logs folder. The locations differs on Windows, it's at the same place the config and examples files are stored. Usually this is 'C:\Users\userName\AppData\Roaming\LDCad'. If you using the Linux or archive version it's in the same place as the main executable.
Ok, got it - thanks.

I think it would be more user friendly if there is the possibility to just add a file by menu command. The way you discribes is not very intuitive I think. There are at least two people that did not find that solution. Smile
Yes, I think the main problem is the root part bin group pictures kinda suck Smile

But you are right adding a right click menu option wouldn't hurt ether.

Also in my 1.3 dev version I've added file drop, which will offer to ether open the file or add it as a reference to the current model.
I don't need the log afterall, I know what's going wrong.

Any file in a library location, which has unknown content (missing meta) is assumed to be a part. This means the whole file will be flattened in the render preparation stage, with a model this causes a HUGE mesh which could lead to very long loading times or even crashes due to out of memory stuff etc, so when a large mesh is detected it will be canceled leading to the yellow cross.

Anyhow this all is because my render need to differentiate between parts and models.
Which metadata is needed in particular?
1. I frequently work on the same model in multiple editors simultaneously. Therefore it would be nice to have a "Reload" command in LDCad to update the model to its latest version.

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