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Full Version: LDCad 1.2a (win+linux)
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You can use 'm' and 'r' to change the pin mode to 'move' or 'rotate'.

List of used parts can be viewed using the two last items in the overview group (same location as the 'all models' group). They show the (recursive) unique parts in the current model or step. I'm not sure this is what you mean though.
No, I meant the Model Part List as seen in the MLCAD help files:


Quote:The pane top, rigfht containing a list of text, keeps information about the parts and commands used in the model you are working with. The list is in processing order. That means: During viewing mode the program goes through this list from top to bottom, like executing it line by line. Here you can select, copy and delete parts, as well as changing the execution order.
See "view mode" for more information about this list.
O the source panel. LDCad doesn't have such a panel at the moment.

At one point I wanted to add something similar, but I kept pushing it back in favor of other features. I might still add it someday though.
That's fine, thanks.
I also noticed that you cannot start LDCad by dropping a file on its shortcut, by supplying the name of a file as a command line argument, or by right clicking on a model file and selecting "Open with' in File Explorer. This is a major convenience in Windows (but not Linux AFAIK). I hope to see this feature in a future version.

I'm probably adding this to 1.3, it's no big deal in Windows but I have zero experience setting it (file association) up in Linux.

Because I want to keep the versions identical I didn't add the feature to the Windows version ether.
Note that in Windows, if you don't do things just right, it will work as Michael describes, but not in the Windows 7 Start Menu itself (where there is a menu attached to the right of the button for programs that have opened files). I suspect that Windows 8 may have some comparable feature on its Start Screen, and I would guess that if the file associations aren't set up enough to work for the Windows 7 Start Menu, they also won't work for the Windows 8 Start Screen.

I'll keep an eye on that.
How do you add an existing sub-model to a model? In MLCAD I usually do "Add>Part>Custom Part>Browse".

Also, I do not want to create an MPD.

For showing a submodel in a model, just reference to that part. So you have a linetype 1 line in your code.
In this case you need to ship two files to the guys that should see all the beautiful models.
If you want to have all in one file you have two possibilities. MPD file is not what you want, so the only possibility in that case is inlining of the submodel. We discussed "inlining" already.

Hope this helps.
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