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Full Version: Tools capable of editing Datsville?
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I need another 3D editor besides MLCAD that is capable of editing Datsville. I usually use MLCAD but I need to switch to an overhead angled view since the terrain I created for the town is getting in the way of the frontal and side views which is making things difficult. Any suggestions? I've never tried anything beyond LEdit and MLCAD.
My LDCad can.


It's crazy to edit the whole city at top level though, but LDCad lets you switch between submodels very easily.

I'm planning to release a new version tonight, so you might want to wait on that.
Mainly I will be editing each section separately (I divided Datsville into blocks), but the need to edit the whole thing might arise.

I made a screen capture of my test session (the new version fixes a couple of bugs I discovered while playing with Datsville)


Speed is somewhat slow (also the capture software is running) but it's somewhat useable.
That seems to be about as fast as LDView which is fine.

Does your program benefit any from using Tore Eriksson's "boxed" parts?


The boxes greatly speed up performance in MLCAD, but not so much in LDView. (In fact I think they're detrimental to performance in LDView.)

It will use the box version files, but they will not show in the part bin unless you add them to the search paths using like a unofficial library.

Speed wise results may vary because with a model of this size cpu stuff is becoming a bottle neck.