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I just released DATHeader version

The following changed:
1) The new folder p/8/ is now integrated
2) "Alias" parts are now checked for: (announcement see here)
2a) Description needs to start with "="
2b) Only color 16 is allowed
2c) It needs to have a comment with the wording Alias of <partnumber>
2d) <partnumber> needs to be the part number of the linetype 1 referrer
3) "Physical_Colour" parts are now checked for: (announcement see here)
3a) The colours used needs to mentioned in the description (f.e. [320] or [4/320]
3b) There should be no line with color 16 and/or 24 in this file
3c) Only linetype 1 and 0 should be used within this file
BUGFIX: Wrong brackets around username now mentioned as error. (For error report see this message)

You can download the new version from ldraw.heidemann.org as usual.

Please leave your comments, suggestions and/or error reports as response to this message.
Just downloaded and installed DATHeader 3.0.12.
First thing I noticed is that it no longer comes with category.txt in the zip file. I still had the old file though, and the update function worked as well.
Then I opened my new train track part and header check complains about the category:
I have this line in my header:
Can't see anything wrong with that line...

The article links in the help file are no longer correct.
http://www.ldraw.org/Article512.html should now be http://www.ldraw.org/article/512.

When it's optimising I noticed it's changed some triangles. For example this:
3 16 -16 8 20 -9.876 8 22.903 -2 8 22.961
was change to this:
3 16 -2 8 22.961 -16 8 20 -9.876 8 22.903

Why would it do that? It's the same winding direction, just putting another point first.
Is your part named 'train track...' or something else that started with 'train' you don't need to duplicate the first word train in a category line. For the other problems we need to wait for Mike.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

To give a full qualified answer to your questions I need to know which part you are talking about, so I can try to do the same than you have done here.

After that I will hopefully be able to answer your questions.

So please upload the file you encountered the problems you mention.
For the category rules please have a look at http://www.ldraw.org/article/340.html
I had seen the article about categories and keywords but it doesn't say "If the first word in the name is the same as the category, omit the category". That rule does explain what I saw though so may be article needs to be updated?
Attaching WIP part 85976.
Yes, you are completely right. The article does not explain what we have agreed on and DATHeader works with.
Thanks for the file.

I just loaded this file into DATHeader

I can confirm that the problem reported for the !CATEGORY entry depends on the first word of the part description. The first word of the description is already a word that is present in the official category list and therefore it is wasting space to repeat that word in a separate category statement. If you would choose another category no error is reported.

Ronald Vallenduuk Wrote:When it's optimising I noticed it's changed some triangles. For example this:
3 16 -16 8 20 -9.876 8 22.903 -2 8 22.961
was change to this:
3 16 -2 8 22.961 -16 8 20 -9.876 8 22.903
I can not find that source line in the file you provided. If I try to do optimizing I am told by DATHeader that no optimization can be done ??
So at this point I can not give a better answer now.
Oops... wrong file. Uploaded the main file instead of the sub.
Check line 18 before and after optimisation.
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