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Full Version: Brickarms Parts?
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I'm not looking for any Brickarms guns for LDraw, but simply the Brickarms U-Clip and Monopod parts.

They don't need to be anything fancy, just something that looks similar would be more than enough.

[Image: Monopod_Black_S.gif]

[Image: U-Clip_Black_S.gif]
Would payment for creating these parts encourage anyone to make them...or do I just get ignored because it's not an official LEGO element?
No, you're just caught in the typical post-summer holiday slowdown that LDraw experiences every year.
Gotcha. Hopefully someone will want to do these for me though. I am creating instructions for someone else and would like to get it done for them as soon as I can.
They look pretty easy to create, but I have none to check dimensions, etc... Some close-up photos from various angles with nearby known elements for scale would help!
Hi Philo,

I don't own any, but I do know that the clip part is a regular sized clip. That might be almost enough Wink

I'll try to get you some other images today. But it is essentially just a standard Lego clip. It is technically thinner, but I really don't care about that. As long as it looks close enough.
Actually indeed the clip itself is not so much of a problem, but how far apart are the two clips? What is the diameter and lengh of the tube? I guess there is a 3.2mm hole in the tube - how deep is it?
Here is some photos of the parts by a 1x1 tile. Let me know if you need any other specifics.

[Image: 10057420383_484f379f6b_o.jpg]
Should be enough... Depth of hole in clip+tube?
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