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Full Version: Bricklink, parts naming, etc...
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A very interesting -and somewhat scary - article posted on The New Elementary: Bricks, Inc
Does this mean we cannot use Bricklink data for the parts reviewing process anymore? Their legal wording clearly implies that.
If we do so, I think there must be a way to suppress the use of LDraw-Content (Part-Pictures) on Bricklink. Isn't it?
Btw: I don't know when I used the Bricklink-Database for a review process for the last time. Normally I check the part on Brickset, in my own collection or ask friends.

As long as they are attributing LDraw, our licencing allows them to use our data.
As this is a public forum i do not justice this behaviour. Everybody can read this!
There's still a bit of a gap between what BL claim, what they can legally claim, and what they will act on. I suspect we have nothing to worry about.

However as a statement of intent it's worrying...
Similar situation at MobyGames.com, though not LEGO related.