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Full Version: Physical_Colour Parts
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I like to extend the possibilities of DATHeader.
Now I focused on the Physical_Colour parts.

As far as I have followed the last posts and discussions a part with the flag Physical_Colour should have the following:

1) There is only one line (linetype 1) in the wanted color.
1) There are only linetype 1 lines with colors different from color code 16.
2) The colorcode for this color is mentioned in the description in square brackets (fe [320]).
2) The colorcodes for these colors are mentioned in the description in square brackets (fe [320/83]).
2.1) If there is only one linetype 1 line the colorcode has to be mention in the description as follow (fe [320]).

If that is true and nobody claims I like to implement tests based on this definition.

I am sure that this definition is used in the past not correctly if the definition is correct. Please see the following part and references: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cg...173283.dat
The next i like to implement is the new Part Alias.

Part Alias

1) Should have only one line (linetype 1) in color 16
2) Should have a leading "=" in the part description.
3) Should have a comment in the form "Alias of <filename of the linetype 1>"

Are the above defined statements correct, or do they need to be extended?

Your reply is highly wanted.

Hey Mike,

there are parts, that will contain two (or more) lines (linetype 1), in my opinion. See for example the DesignID 47847. There are two different Physical_Colour combinations with the same DesignID...

Ok, that is a good point. To achieve these physical color parts we need to have at least two lines of code.
So I change statement 1.
Indeed! sorry for my previous wrong (private) comment!
By the way, I am just searching our official library rules for these and similar rules and can not find something.

I like to know where we have fixed the meaning of the flags in front of the description:
_ underscore
~ tilde
= equal

Also I can not find a description when to use LDRAW_ORG parttypes:
Part Alias
Part Physical_Colour
Shortcut Alias
Shortcut Physical_Colour

Just found a short description on the qualifiers "Alias" and "Physical_Colour" in "Appendix III (06-Sep-07)" of the header spec.

Maybe there is somebody that can explain to me why in an "Alias" part there might be more than one linetype 1 line ???

All these things should be mentioned in the header spec..

As there are no more complains I try to integrate that into DATHeader.
As there are no more complains I try to integrate that into DATHeader.
I have extended LDFind to identify the parts containing the qualifier Physical_Colour.

The latest consens is that the colorcodes used are appended to the description in the form [320] or [0/320] if more than one color is used.

It seems that this notation of colour codes in the description has not yet reached our library.

We have 430 parts with the qualifier Physical_Colour in our library, but as far as I can see none of them carry the code at the end.

Please have a look into the attached list.

Should we recycle all official files?
Who cares about that?
Except for a handful, I can fix them automatically.

Chris> If you've got LDMakeList working on the PT, I can send you the script and you can adapt it to work there. You'll need the latest LDMakeList built from source though. That will make it all very easy.

The latest LDMakeList 2.14 can be found here now...


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