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Full Version: Request - open links in new tab/window
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I would like to have the links in the posts to be opened in a new tab/window, so I can close that tab/window and can still read the post to the end.

I know that i can use the back button of the browser, but I think if you use external links, they should never close the calling page.

What's about to open the page whit pressed [Ctrl] or use your Mousewheel-Button (if you have such a mouse and you have not a personal preset for the third mouse button).

I don't agree. That natural expectation for a link is that it opens in the same place. Most browsers have options to override that behaviour, and, as Max pointed out, there are easy ways around it.

To be honest - I did not know that.
ctrl - left mouse opens the link in a new tab in Firefox.
But my opinion is still that links to different websites should open in a new tab/window automatically.
I agree with you if the link is in a choosing table like a menu.

If I am reading a text and there is a link in this text, I expect that the link opens in a new tab/window, so I can read the text to the end and have the link open in another tab/window.

Maybe we can get expectations from other people to find a solution that expect most of us. (maybe i am alone) Smile
I know no forum, where such an options exists. So I don't expect such an option... ;-)


It looks like internal links opens in the same tab; external links opens in a new tab.

Thanks for pointing to this behaviour Smile
where a link opens should not be decided by the server but by you, the client.

it was a bad habit / sin of the 90's, when each website decided to do it differently.

nowadays the natural expectation is "a link opens in the same window unless the client on itself modifies that behaviour".

there are countless options in browsers and/or addons for clients available
which let you configure the link opening/tabbing behaviour in all details,
including individually per-site.

please do not let the 90's sins come back!
Quote:please do not let the 90's sins come back!
Steffen Wrote:please do not let the 90's sins come back!
But, the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland!!

And if this suggestion was implemented, that link would have opened in a new tab, like every other modern website.
I like that.
I'm with Rolf and Jude here.
Jude Parrill Wrote:...like every other modern website.

Except the enormous number of modern websites that don't.

A quick study of popular websites in my bookmarks (actually not CNN, but I chose it as an American example) requiring navigation...

New tab: Guardian, CNN
Same tab: BBC, Boing Boing

...I had to avoid my default behaviour of using the middle button. But I hate being told what to do so I stick with NO.

Please continue the +1, -1 or other vote like comments. We may as well make this a democracy of the loudest.

Running Tally:

For: Mike, Jude, Magnus
Against: Tim, Phillipe, Steffen, Max, Travis, Santeri
As there are enough other options to open a link in a new window/tab, I vote

Note: your vote is confusing, because +1 means "against", and -1 means "for". I'm voting for leaving it alone (no new tab).
Philo started it Wink

Luckily the two people voting since have made it expressly clear what they meant. Hopefully others will do the same.

Sorry for adding to the confusion... my point is that if website opens in another tab/window I can't open it in the same window, while otherwise I have the choice. And hitting the ubiquitous backspace key is very efficient compared to closing a tab...
Note that I can (propbably) make this a user settable option with the default being no new tab
user option would be good in this case I think.

If that is possible, please implement that. Otherwise I am convinced to leave it as it is, because there are really many options to open a link in another tab.

My main concern as I wrote this is that if you have closed the current tab with LDraw content maybe we loose some guys/girls in the net and they never came back. Thats the main reason many companies use the "new tab" for external links.
+1 (to Steffen) - keep as is.
same here.
opening in new window or tab REMOVES the choice for me.

by the way: check this out:


12 years later, opening new windows is still on that list: