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LDraw.org Forums Do's and Don'ts - Orion Pobursky

<strong>LDraw.org Forum Usage Guidelines</strong><br />
Every forum has rules, these are the ones we enforce.<br />
<br />
<strong>Forum Dos</strong><br />
<li>Do use your real name. This is an LDraw tradition. We would prefer your first and last name but if this makes you uncomfortable, you can use one or the other.</li>
<li>Do try to be polite.</li>
<li>Do post in the correct section (eg. queries about Parts go here). If it is not obvious make a note so a webmaster can move your post if appropriate.</li>
<li>Do search for existing relevant discussions before starting a new one.</li>
<li>In particular, do make sure you check the sticky threads first</li>
<li>Do remember that everyone involved with LDraw does it voluntarily as a hobby. This means things may not happen in a timely fashion.</li>
</ul><br />
<br />
<strong>Forum Don'ts</strong><br />
<li>Don't start lots of new threads when combining them into one would suffice. Make sure you check the sticky threads first</li>
<li>Don't be mean spirited or rude.</li>
<li>Don't be a spammer. This includes spammy signatures. Also, do post (even if just to say hello) if you're not a spammer. We'll delete new accounts with no posts after a month. If you do spam, your account will be deactivated</li>
<li>Don't break the law. In particular don't post or transmit copyrighted or private material without permission from the owner.</li>
</ul><br />
<br />
<strong>Administrator Policies</strong><br/>
Further clarification on how some of the above dos and don'ts will be enforced.<br />
<br />
<strong>Censorship and editing policy:</strong><br/>
<li>The LDraw forums have an open policy on language. While language that might be considered 'bad' is discouraged we will not <strong>ever</strong> censor words or phrases.</li>
<li>More broadly the webmasters and moderators will avoid editing the contents of posts unless it is a) <strong>explicitly requested</strong> by the original poster, b) <strong>to remove spam</strong>, c) in the event of a <strong>binding legal request</strong> or d) <strong>in extreme circumstances</strong>, and with full justification provided to the community. Option c) and d) will be considered only as a very last resort.</li>
<li>In the event that one of the admins does edit a post for reason c) or d), they will place a clear placeholder stating their name and the reason for censoring the post, and shall keep a copy of the original text to allow reversal.</li>
<strong>Private Messages</strong>

<li>Private messages are subject to the same rules stated above</li>
<li>Private massages are monitored by the forum administrators and not "private" in the strictest sense of the word</li>
<li>Private messaging is a privilege that will be revoked for a user permanently and without warning if any abuse of the rules is reported or discovered</li>
<strong>Questions? Need help?</strong><br/>
Don't hesitate to <a href="http://forums.ldraw.org/contact.php">contact the forum administrators</a>