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Re: Exporting LDraw Database of Pieces
February 14, 2013 05:56AM
Is it legal/possible to export an image of each piece in LDraw's database in order to create a database with every piece in it? Are there copyright issues with these images?

Please read:


The LDraw Steering Committee has recently also agreed on the following:

"... not to enforce any attribution requirements on the use of images rendered from the LDraw library. While obviously we would prefer to see all the part authors rewarded for their hard work by a link back to the LDraw website, this is not necessary on images."

Assuming it is allowed, is there a way to do a mass export for each piece?

You could write a batch file:


or a script in any other form. Note also that the latest All-In-One-Installer comes with an offline parts cataloge in PDF.

(Member of the LDraw Steering Committee)
Exporting LDraw Database of Pieces atomant871February 13, 2013 01:45PM
Re: Exporting LDraw Database of Pieces Willy Tschager607February 14, 2013 05:56AM

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