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Re: LDStructure
avatarFebruary 24, 2013 05:25AM
I understand your thoughts, but you might run into much trouble with what you are doing.
If you using unofficial files in your models they might get broken once the file becomes official and is rotated or shifted or renamed!

The file selection should be done in the following order (IMHO)
Official files
other sources

But you can change (if I remember correctly) the search order in MLCad and LDView.

Why is LDStrucure only searching the official library?
Well, because that is what should be similar on _all_ machines, so I am able to see the models you have done in the same shape like you on your system.
I know that many people do it in a different way, but this results very often in not readable models (file not found!).
So my focus is clearly on the official files.
But this means in most cases the files that are on you system in the folder
So if you run LDStructure the first time on your system all files are scanned in those folders! Not only the official files!

Currently there is no detection of changes made in those directories, so the next time you change a part the changes are not reflected in the results of LDStructure. Or if you add a file to those directories, this file will not be scanned at all (currently)!

Until an update mechanism is present in LDStructure you need to delete the database file LDStructure.xml to force LDStructure to rebuild that file.
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