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Re: LDStructure
avatarFebruary 24, 2013 04:13AM
Hi Mike

Why is LDStrucure only searching the official library?

To me, my "library" is very dynamic. I try to download all new files from the PartTracker as soon as possible.
If an official file is updated by a new version at the PT, I remove the "old" files from the "official" folders. I move it to an "old files"-folder.
I do that because I only want to have an always updated library. Maybe this practice is unneccesary, but I don't like the idea of having duplicate files, one official and one unofficial, on my system. I know, after having tryed it, that MLCad and LDView only show me files from the "official" parts-folder, if I have duplicated files, one official and one unofficial.

How do the part selection take place in programs like MLCad, LDView, LDCad, Sr3dBuilder, and others?
How do they know wich folder to pick a part from? I only want to see/build with the latest versions of the parts.
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