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Re: LDStructure
avatarFebruary 23, 2013 11:51PM
Yes, that is a good question. I also have thought in that direction too but could not see a real benefit. I try to explain:

Uses a database where the header data from dat files are stored. (official and unofficial/custom).
Based on that database a second search database is build depending on the settings the user makes.

Uses at present no database :)
The internal structure is of course similar, but i need to ensure to have all files in place therefore I have limited it to the official files (_all_) as the basis of analytics.
All these files are scanned for required parts. The result is stored separately in required files and related parts.

If we use the same database as LDFind we can not be sure to have _all_ files in the main database and that would cause for sure errors in LDStructure. At least the base for all work is the official libary that is stored on the users system, but in LDFind you can work with only a subset of that files (parts.xml) or on a wider range of files (adding custom folders). Therefore you will need to look for the right files every time you start LDFind or LDStructure.

I my eyes this does not make sense at all. During writing these lines my opinion to not share the stored database has strongen!
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