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avatarNovember 25, 2012 01:59AM
I just release version of DATHeader.

1) Editor - Replace implemented
2) Postprocessing with Rectifier implemented.
1) Part description check warning messagebox for primitives disabled.
But the result of the check might still be wrong!
1) Detected '0 BFC CERTIFY CW' or similar was not been fixed.
2) If a line '0 BFC CW' or '0 BFC CCW' is in a file the bodycheck stopped with error message.
3) If the Header has been changed the linenumber in the editor was not correct.
4) In the Gui of the header data the field for Update is placed incorrect if window is resized.
5) Autocorrection claims for subparts not to use CATAGORY and KEYWORDS

Please leave all comments for this version as response to this topic.

Have fun.
Download from DATHeader Webside

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