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Re: 3dxml2dat
November 30, 2012 06:12AM
Well, I think it is no longer appropriate, to search for special lines in a text file and copy them into another text file only to send them through a converter. The burden is disproportionate. I have implemented a new version of the 3dxml2dat application. It is still a console application but this time it can handle the 3dxml files themselves, packed as well as unpacked.

The application has been designed to work with 3D screen prints (3dxml files) that were taken from the LDD using the program Dassault Systems 3DVIA Screenprint. It translates all the 3D data that it finds inside the 3dxml file into LDraw compatible data. On the one hand this means that there may be several parts in the source that will be transferred all, but on the other hand that the plane for the base grid will be transferred as well.

This new version of the application is also able to extract the images from the 3dxml files. They are stored in Truevisions TGA file format.

There are still some options you can experiment with:
Usage: 3dxml2dat.exe [Options] <inputFileName>
  [-scale <value>]: scale the mesh with factor <value> (default is 25)
  [-out <outputFileName>]: write the result in <outputFileName> (default is <inputFileName>.dat)
  [-optionalLines <true|false>]: draw optional lines (default is <true>)
  [-normals <true|false>]: draw normals (default is <false>)
  [-images <true|false>]: extract the contained images (default is <false>)

You can download the application at http://www.digital-bricks.de/download/3dxml2datV1.0.634.zip. The application can be downloaded as it is. I do not take charge for errors or any kind of damage to your system that is caused by this tool.

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