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avatarOctober 03, 2013 12:29AM
I just released DATHeader version

The following changed:
1) The new folder p/8/ is now integrated
2) "Alias" parts are now checked for: (announcement see here)
2a) Description needs to start with "="
2b) Only color 16 is allowed
2c) It needs to have a comment with the wording Alias of <partnumber>
2d) <partnumber> needs to be the part number of the linetype 1 referrer
3) "Physical_Colour" parts are now checked for: (announcement see here)
3a) The colours used needs to mentioned in the description (f.e. [320] or [4/320]
3b) There should be no line with color 16 and/or 24 in this file
3c) Only linetype 1 and 0 should be used within this file
BUGFIX: Wrong brackets around username now mentioned as error. (For error report see this message)

You can download the new version from ldraw.heidemann.org as usual.

Please leave your comments, suggestions and/or error reports as response to this message.
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