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Re: quad2dat program
August 27, 2013 03:02AM

Michael Heidemann
The colour mapping to existing LDraw colours did not what I expected (there are still too many colours envolved and the formerly nearly one colour surface is brocken because some colours are matched to dark color value and other to light colour value, so visible it distorted the picture).

So I think the best way for a sticker is to leave the colours like they are scanned.

I do not agree. The results would be much better, if you only quantize with the colors you are expecting in the results. In your example this would only be white and blue (and green?). Some time ago I experimented with a similar task. I wrote a tool where you can choose the colors for the color quantization on the original image by mouse click.

Michael Heidemann
To minimize the filesize in my opinion it is the best to scan each line, and if the neighbour quad has the same colour combine them. (I did not code this yet). This should (I guess) cut the number of lines by 50%.

This would still guide to many quads and, I think, many t-junctions.

For this issue, I choose another way. I use the color reduced image as input for an algorithm that I derived from potrace: Walk around the same colored areas (pixel by pixel) and memorize the paths. In a few following steps I try to simplify and smooth these paths (more or less). The result is used as input for the tool triangle (this is also used in txt2dat).

I will try to give you in example shortly.

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