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Re: Numeric code whitespaces?
avatarMarch 15, 2013 01:38PM
It is an unknow line then.
The parameter of a line are separated by one or more whitespace.
In the case you mention "0//" this is the first parameter of the line, where a linetype 0 through 5 is expected. So it is an invalid line.
It's up to you as the author of the application what to do with that line :)

Basic parsing / file content

An LDraw file consists of one command per line. There is no line length restriction. Each command consists of optional leading whitespace followed by whitespace-delimited tokens. Some commands also have trailing arbitrary data which may itself include internal whitespace; such data is not tokenized, but treated as single unit according to the command.

Whitespace is defined as one or more spaces (#32), tabs (#9), or combination thereof.
Taken from: http://www.ldraw.org/article/218

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whitespace deals.. 0// Santeri Piippo800March 15, 2013 01:34PM
Re: Numeric code whitespaces? Michael Heidemann392March 15, 2013 01:38PM
Re: whitespace deals.. 0// Santeri Piippo562March 15, 2013 02:16PM

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