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Re: Model parts inventory?
avatarApril 07, 2014 01:08AM
Michael Heidemann
LDView does a good job on this.
Totally agree except that it has no local thumbnail generation. So overall the basic logic should and options should be the same.


1) Build the model as ldr file (or maybe mpd file).

2) Use this file and generate a html page for that (what content should this side have? part no., description???)
Like LDview, Thumbnail, part number, description, color and quantity. Order of the columns and having the choice of existence for any of them like does LDView is great, but sorting parts according one or more criteria (eg. according to part description) would be even better...

3) Generate from the ldr file / or generate from the html page the thumbnails. (size choosable??, Where to store that files??)
Yes, hopefully thumbnail size should be choosable (possibly orientation too, but that's less needed). html storing should default to ldr file folder, I'd put images together in a subfolder.
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