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Re: Hoses
avatarFebruary 15, 2013 09:30AM
Philippe Hurbain
Sergio Reano
The problem is that in hose you cannot use primitives other than triangles since every hose segment is someway different from any other.
Yes, you're right - even quads are not usable since they would get warped!

Maybe it would be possible for some parts to use a mixed mode approach? Fixed, non-deformable "middle" section, joined by a stretchable/deformable part? That wouldn't decrease the poly count, but create much more manageable file size.


Also, be aware from ribbed hose actual definition! It takes over 6500 vertex to define a single segment!
Agreed, present usage of tori in this part is total overkill!

Actually the amount of vertices aren't really a problem (besides filesize), I've tested setups using over a million triangles in a single flexible part, this part renders at over 1000fps. The only bottleneck is generating the mesh though like Sergio indicates. But because I work with 32bit indices anyway (some official parts have more then 65000 vertices) all the base mesh handling code is already there. And with VGA cards having a couple of gigs of memory these days all should fit nicely in vbo :)

As for mixed deform and references this is possible in the current version, so if you figure out a configuration which is the best of both worlds for the flexhose I would happily include it in the default collection of templates.

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