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Re: Hoses
avatarFebruary 14, 2013 01:33AM
Roland Melkert
It uses the non deform method for generating the part, I would prefer to use deform but there isn't a suitable donor for this in the current official library.
I don't quite get what is a suitable donor file for this kind of part. Imho it could be done with a fixed torus, joined to the next element with a deformable cylinder. If so it's easy to do, but I don't really see how to add this in official library since there are already official parts for that.


Secondly: the technic hose (79 and 80), should it start with a static part (pin length or something, like the widening part on pneumatic hoses) or should it bend from the very outer tips?
I'd say flexible to the very tip. If a straight tip is needed, you just need to add a new path point. This is imho the most flexible solution (pun intended...).
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