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avatarFebruary 13, 2013 12:31PM
I'm trying to setup a collection of hose templates for use in the upcoming LDCad Alpha, but I find some of the parts in the library a bit confusing.

For example in the Flex hose 754 and 756 the !Help comments say 'place a string' but the exact spacing isn't mentioned. I've attached my current version. It uses the non deform method for generating the part, I would prefer to use deform but there isn't a suitable donor for this in the current official library.

Secondly: the technic hose (79 and 80), should it start with a static part (pin length or something, like the widening part on pneumatic hoses) or should it bend from the very outer tips?

Attached is my current version for a flex hose, but It's probably the wrong scale. Do note the length isn't restricted so I'm looking for the correct scale on segment level.

I probably will have more questions about other parts later on. Also if someone would like to see additional flexible parts prepared let me know and I'll try model them too.

Any help / insight would be appreciated.
open | download - flexHose.ldr (6.4 KB)
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