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Re: Pharaoh's Quest
February 04, 2013 04:20PM
Stan Isachenko
Christian Neumann created almost all parts from this theme and I think hi will create all patterns, bat I do not see any model made from them. I think it is unfairly to ignore such hard work:).

Thank you! :-)
There are 3 sticker sheets left, one from the sphinx and 2 from the pyramid set, but they are really (at least the one of them is REALLY) huge and full of details. My personal goal was to create them all, because the models look somewhat "boring" without these details. I got focused on the Lord of the Rings theme meanwhile, but if you do such nice renderings, i will do the remaining patterns definitely. I like your renderings, the color scheme is awesome (seems tha i really have to learn some povray next...).

By the way, if you give me permission to edit the mummy wings which are "on hold" at the part tracker, i will fix them for certification. i do already have a corrected version, but cannot upload it without that.
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