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Re: Datsville rev256
avatarNovember 12, 2013 09:55AM
I just try it.
Now Pov-Ray claims for two files
#include "lg_defs.inc"
#include "lg_color.inc"

I know from the past, that these files are anywhere and that I need to adjust POV-Ray to find them, or put them in the same directory as the file i want to render.

It would be a great benefit for the user, if this can be checked by LDView on export.
Also I have been in the help of LDView, but no word about those two files. Very disappointing.

Nowadays we should take into consideration that most people just want to use applications and do not want to know much about the background. At least on the first stage. Later on they ask how to tune the results. That's ok and might take some time to figure out how, but not at first stage.

Maybe Travis can take a word on this, as I only remember these things very vague.

Edit: Maybe it was an error on my side. The XML option was checked, but no xml file specified. After I unchecked that option Pov-Ray starts working quite a time but stops at line 593479 due to wrong filename:
#declare LDX_tr�_dot_ldr = union {

I have to check where this wrong file name is from. Maybe wrong character in one of the files of datville that is not really UTF8 without bom, respectively pure ASCII in the original issue.

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