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Re: Datsville rev328
avatarDecember 21, 2013 02:53PM
Technically the files are missing, cause the contents of mpd's can not be shared except of the main model one. So e.g. a 3005.dat in a.mpd can not be used from b.mpd. You need to also add that (probably same) 3005.dat to b.mpd, or write it as a loose 3005.dat in the target folder.
No, they are not missing. They are added to the mpd content file where they are used.
But you are right, best thing would be to write all double files as loose file into the target folder. But to do this, I need to be sure that both files do have really the same content. This could be the solution that I was looking for.
Sometimes it can be so easy :)

It might work in LDView if the part is in the top level mpd, but that's because of a bug if I remember correctly.
No bug is needed :)
I have used in MPDCenter an idea that I had already some years ago.

The attached file should have the extension xmpd, but that is not a valid file extension for upload, so I changed that to plain mpd.
From the structure this is a normal mpd content file. But it contains several mpd files - cooked together in one file :)
open | download - datsville328.mpd (3.3 MB)
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