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Re: Help with fitting?
May 17, 2013 07:26PM

If you know the metrics of what you are trying to build, it might be easier to use the arrow keys to move parts - that way you know what axis you are moving in, and you will always move a fraction of the grid. Shift-arrows move 10 units, which is handy when you're working in medium grid (e.g. 2 grid units per stud, 1 grid unit per plate). I find that I do almost all of my placing using the keyboard - it's faster and more accurate. With shift-arrows you don't even need the mouse for 'long' moves.

Because the next brick is inserted at the location of the last one, it can be useful to place your bricks in sequence, leveraging the position of each last brick to start the next one in the right place. BrickSmith is definitely meant for a 'relative placement' work flow and not a 'drop it where it snaps' (since BrickSmith doesn't have connectivity detection the way LDD does).

Also, the magnet icon will grid snap your pieces, which is useful if you get a tiny-fraction location error.

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