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Re: Colour use
December 08, 2012 08:38PM
Hello all,

I recently upgraded my computer and re-installed all of the LDraw programs, using the all-in-one installer. This time, I was able to export a .pov file to POV-Ray and render it successfully, unlike the last attempt when the pieces did not show up. I did not change any of the export settings, as far as I can remember.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to respond to the substitution of "koyancolours.inc" for "lg_color.inc", which was the process I was using before. Also, the new POV-Ray version language requires a semicolon at the end of every "#define" line in any included code, which requires changes to every part file; this is not a problem per-se, but is time consuming. The main problem now is that POV-Ray is unable to find several parts files despite their "lg_xxxx" being present both in the "lg" subfolder of LGEO (where POV-Ray has been instructed to look for them) and the LGEO xml file in LDView. Clearly, one problem has been solved to introduce many more.

I have uploaded the new LDView-generated .pov file to Brickshelf ("colorsldnew.pov", http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=514561, also attached to this post) and a picture of the successful render ("colorsldnew.png") if anyone would like to have a check, or use them for reference if anyone is having a similar problem.

Best wishes to all,

open | download - ColorsLDnew.pov (17.3 KB)
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