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Re: Colour use
October 11, 2012 12:24AM

Sorry, should have included this information before. I am using:

MLCAD v 3.4 (latest), with latest ldconfig (all installed using the new all-in-one installer)
POV-Ray RC 6 (not the latest but RC 8 is very similar)

The computer has just been formatted, so there is no possibility of older versions of these files lingering in the system.

To convert between MLCAD and POV-Ray I simply export the files to a folder and then use L3PAO to generate the .pov file from the exported MLCAD document (by exporting, it removes all references to submodels, which L3PAO cannot handle). This was a method I worked out myself, so it might be the cause of the problem...

Apologies for the poor image link - the URL was to the folder, not the image (I used to make exactly the same mistake on the Classic Space forums, all those years ago). Now fixed.
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