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Re: Using the LDraw name
avatarNovember 08, 2013 07:45PM
This is that "business" I was referring to in my intro topic. I need someone who can guide me in properly following the LDraw bylaws in proper use of the name, and what is officially classified as a program that uses the LDraw library.

I am the maintainer of a Blender 3D import script that imports .ldr and .dat models import Blender for use in renders. This bypasses the requirement to convert it to 3DS or OBJ before hand. I did not create it, rather someone else did and I plus a few others (mainly in the two months) have been drastically improving, and are soon releasing a v1.1 release. This is not an advertisement, I simply have to give background to explain my issue. Also, rioforce is a fellow collaborator on the script, and since he beat me to asking this question, I'll provide extra details.

Because the script was created when Blender was in version 2.5 and I picked it up in version 2.6.x, I renamed it to Blender 2.6 LDraw Importer. However, Blender is soon entering version 2.7, and after looking at the LDraw bylaws, I can tell it violates the bylaws. We are currently brainstorming new names, but we are running into issues into properly following the bylaws.

First, what is the official definition of a program that uses the LDraw library? The script in a nutshell reads a model, gets the bricks uses, reads them, applies the colors, and constructs the model. It does not include the Brick library, you have to have it already.

Second, and I guess it is based on the first, how do I go about properly renaming it to comply with the bylaws? According to http://www.ldraw.org/article/281.html#2_06_the_use_of_the_name_ldraw_in_ldraw_related_programs:


LDraw.org uses the LDraw trademark with permission from the Jessiman Estate, therefore we cannot grant permission to third parties to use it. It is also our definition that the LDraw trademark represents the LDraw System of Tools and the LDraw Parts Library, so it is our policy that LDraw should not appear in a program's title and/or URL to protect the uniqueness of the LDraw trademark.

We recommend that programs/websites wishing to identify with LDraw choose titles that add "LD" in front of the name as a way to associate the program as part of the LDraw software family.

So it seems I need to append "LD" to the beginning of the project name, correct? Also keep in mind that there kinda has to be "LDraw" stated somewhere. The import menu where you invoke it is one, and some of the script messages, so I can't cut it out completely. It's the nature of an import script.

I welcome all anyone can help me out here. The "thread" where we are discussing this is here, and the project is hosted on GitHub. Also, if you see any other violations in the script, please point them out, noting the script messages.

(Off-topic: does this prove I am not a "very elaborate spammer", Tim? :P)


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