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0 ROTATION - meanings
avatarJanuary 03, 2013 03:58AM
I played a little bit with MLCad and found the following. Maybe it is also interesting for some else.

0 ROTATION CENTER 0 0 0 1 "Custom1" 
0 ROTATION CENTER 2 3 4 1 "New Custom"

There can be several lines like above in your file, depending on how many rotation points you have defined.
The first three numbers are the xyz values of the rotation point
The fourth number indicates the "Allow on-screen change"
The string at the end is the name of that rotation point.


There is only one line like the above with the parameter "CONFIG".
The first number indicates the current aktive point from above list of defined rotatin points.
The second number indicates "Show rotation point"
0 ROTATION - meanings Michael Heidemann841January 03, 2013 03:58AM
Re: 0 ROTATION - meanings Alex Taylor616January 03, 2013 12:57PM

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